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Wholesale Tote Bag Printing in Singapore: Fast, Great Prints, Quality Bag.

Here at MerchFoundry, we know exactly how important brand merchandise can be. One of the most timeless and effective merchandise is tote bags.

Tote bags can be easily customised to have your logo on open display, and prove so functional and versatile that they are regularly used for a staggering variety of purposes and occasions.

If you want highly-visible merch that sees the most frequent, diverse, and longest use, the tote bag is what you’re looking for.

We offer 2 different kinds of tote bags:

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The Classic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag in Beige
The Classic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag in Black
The Waterproof Reusable Shopping Bag


The Classic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag in Beige and Black

Material: 100% heavy-weight 10Oz cotton. Absorbent, durable, light.

Size: 36 x 41 cm (A3)

Best for printing: centralised images that fit within the A3 format. Perfect for logos, words and phrases, graphic designs, etc.


Material: 100% Polyester (600 denier), fabric texture. Nylon webbing handles. Strong, waterproof, durable.

Size: 37 x 42 cm (A3)

Best for printing: full-bleed, full colour prints with patterns and colours that go into the bag seams.

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MerchFoundry helps you source and fulfil print merchandise at unbeatable prices and speeds any where in the world.

We make brand merchandise simple and pain-free — check us out today.

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