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Product Designer Uploads

Maximum upload file size
Max file size are 15mb

What file format should I submit my design in?
Files should be in vector form; we prefer: SVG for screen printing. JPG and PNG at 300dpi will be preferred for digital printing.

What is DPI, resolution and actual print file size
For digitally printed files (uploads via PNG, JPG), the best results are when you have 300dpi. For example, if the print size measures 14” x 10”, this translates to 4200 x 3000 pixels. A bare minimum of 150dpi is required for most prints. Read more about the difference between 150dpi vs 300dpi

Screen printed jobs require vector files that are cropped to actual print size .svg/.ai.

Can I print copyrighted images
By using our site and uploading your images, you are fully responsible and liable that you’re authorised to manufacture products with that design. We don’t assume responsibility for copyrighted designs sent to us for printing.